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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 11, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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. the strain in spain. prime more spending cuts aimedcitizenh hiking taxes. his new austerity measures are aimed at slashingeporter: to
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21%. spending cuts would reluce thea benefits for civil servants he said the steps are spending exceeds a union bailout banks. theear to hit
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further as the countryunemploym miners are protesters against deep cuts. the country's pensi system and wan system t
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what are hearing from regulators? >> they w sure that the right themercial banks acrossnce to combined 94.4 billion euros. t ra capital levels banks
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internal rest surrounding the region's banking system is still eep watch ailing policy makers suggestakee more revised downward their economic growth forecast
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and decided toear meaning selli term government see meeting is european an gsentiment. in a i impact.
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u.s. range today ahead of t lso today. ined also theyrporate wel as we earnings. it was down nearly 8% on
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wednesday. so that's awhat the perhaps chae market is having an impa leveontinues in japan. e
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u.s. w financial institutions and of course everybody will be waiting for the afterupdate. looks like in the nikkeilet's see how they are do.
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japan's foreign minister koichiro gemba and h thed by taiwan and china. of three chinese patrol boats some of the islands l tory.
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he said peaceful and stable control of the islands is im yang countries including islands in south china sea. yang said the issues should be resolvdeclared islands off ho at a meeting of the ruling united russia party on wednesda the islands are an extremely
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promised residents the government will build sports and health facilities on two of ther the peacejapan launch masaharu kono called it very regrettable, sayin south pub
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it. koreans aren't afraid to take to the streets to let their leaders know how they feel this time they are a opposition rallying against a ct. n test fired the missileal they claim was a satellite carrying rocket. but many south koreans aren't happy with it. they say the president's administration e
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administration is it is rushing its signing by hiding it from the public. we>> repor mihan an the most a top lee' president's nized nel shuffdract handled.
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hear the words japanese military. korea/japan relations aside this issue is also getting attention becausep >> transla south korea will bein debate this ilitary pact in the and stress
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the a plan with media often depict the united states as ann. state-run korean performers wearing mickey nced
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the concert also featured famous american songs including the soundtrack for the movie observers say the broadcast could indicate that change is un some say she could be the north korean leader's younger sister, but others claim she could be . theeat offline people are some came to tokyo ideas. >> reporter: power word in gove
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company offices. and all this equipment is power. traditionally shades block direct sun light keeping the roomndre. they disperse sun light around the room whe that helps l.e.d. it emits a stronger, brighter less power and lasts 50% longer.
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panel can detect ultimately re exposu exposure. it can generate t factory so i need a backup of roo power >> after the everyo contri makingpriorities, cuttin
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profits. realizing that while those may seem like competing goals they to rare chance to have a proper co
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nal living ly laughlaughter.
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feel less lonely. >> translator:ly with them. i things like, how >> reporter: the trainees their
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students have passed the test service that humanseniors to dee amongtor: things that
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stimulate theting so l in japan. p southern this is just after flooded from a previous storm. we find out the latest tershead into tomorrow.
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of course that could raise the risk of flooding as well as the rain slides. t looks like the 180an throu producing on going thunderstorms and gusty w temperature-wise heat is affecting the eastern and northerntionsseoul. to move
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towards the west and move away from the a stationary front producingthunderstorms. next 24 hours quite are in severe weather moving towards the east over central are quite in montana, idaholags arede of
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finallyonorthern low pressure yr thursday. 33 in madrid and will likely an 33 in madrid and will likely an up next is yo ock]
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♪ ♪ (jane joyce) the ice sheet covering greenland is a complex and dynamic element of our climate system. it partially regulates earth's temperature by reflecting sunlight back into space, and grows and shrinks in response to the temperature it helps change. changes to polar ice do have consequences everywhere, not just at the poles. melting ice results in higher sea levels
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that threaten coastal regions. greenland's ice, which is up to two miles thick in some places, is especially sensitive to melting caused by global warming, since its southern tip protrudes into warmer latitudes. nasa scientists compared aerial laser surveys of the southern greenland ice sheet from 1993 to 1998 and found that the coastal ice is thinning, in some places, at a rate of more than three feet a year! this thinning corresponds with warmer temperatures observed in the same time period. how fast ice sheets will shrink and sea levels rise has major impacts for the human population, since most of the world's people live within 50 miles of a coastline. the melting ice in greenland serves as a warning of how climate change in one part of the world, can impact the entire planet. for "our changing planet," i'm jane joyce. to learn more about our changing planet, visit us on the web at. . .


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